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The aim of the CALIPSOplus project is to remove barriers for access to world-class accelerator-based light sources in Europe and in the Middle East. To this end more than 82,500 hours of trans-national access are provided to these research infrastructures and specific programmes are in place to teach new users how to successfully use synchrotrons and FELs. Dissemination activities targeting industry are complemented by tailor-made support and access programmes for this user group. In parallel the consortium is collaborating on constantly developing technology to keep the facilities at the cutting-edge.

CALIPSOplus in a nutshell

  • Integrating Activity for Advanced Communities in reply to a the call H2020-INFRAIA-2016-1
  • Convenient Access to LIghtsources OPen to Innovation, Science and to the WOrld
  • Coordinated by Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden – Rossendorf e. V.
  • Budget: 10 MEUR
  • 19 Partners, 3 associated partners, several observers
  • 4 Networking Activities, 2 Joint Research Activities
  • Provision of more than 82,500 hours of trans-national access to 14 synchrotrons and 8 free electron lasers
  • Trans-national access tailor-made to SMEs offered by 10 facilities
  • Running time: May 1st, 2017 – October 31st, 2021