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Because the users of the European synchrotron and free-electron laser facilities coming from all over the world, diversity has always been part of the European large-scale photon facilities.

Equal opportunities

Equal opportunities mean the right to equal access to life chances and to vocational opportunities as well. It particularly includes the ban of discrimination: nobody should be restricted in his/her (career) opportunities because of age, gender or sexual identity; religion, social or cultural background, or disability.

The effort to achieve gender equality are expressions of democracy and the strive for fairness. The ban on discrimination are part of human rights. Equal opportunities are anchored in the German Constitution (Art. 3, paragraph 3). Moreover, regulations as the General Law on Equal Treatment govern equal opportunities.

Gender equality

Gender equality means the reduction of existing disadvantages which mostly concern women. The goal of equality work is to effectively promote the professional careers of women and to particularly improve their access and advancement opportunities. It properly takes into account skill, ability, professional performance and familial predisposition.

The quest for equality and the implementation of measures in this context are expressions of the strive for social fairness. Social fairness means participation of any woman and man in personal development opportunities and the possibility to live according to individual life plans.

CALIPSOplus Gender Help Desk

The aim of the CALIPSOplus Gender Help Desk is to help and support synchrotron and free-electron facility users to if they feel

  • existing disadvantages between gender,
  • unrespectful relations,
  • sexual harassment or, or
  • any other discrimination

during their stay at the facility, e.g. to be a first contact point and/or to find the responsible facility staff member, to make sure that the diversity of the users working at the European synchrotron and free-electron laser facilities and the respectful relations with each other will also in the future a particular strength of the European large-scale photon facilities.

Please feel free to contact us. We guarantee that your personal data and your request will be handled carefully and confidential.