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Grant Application for Open Access Publication

26th April 2021

All authors who received funding for trans-national access by CALIPSOplus,  are encouraged to apply for a grant to cover the fees for their open-access publication. Grant applications are still open until October 2021.

Interested? Please continue reading to learn more open access in general and how to receive funding by CALIPSOplus.

Open Access Publishing

Open access (OA) refers to the practice of providing online access to scientific information that is free of charge to the end-user and reusable. ‚Scientific‘ refers to all academic disciplines.
Why Open Acces to scientific peer-reviewed publications?

Open Access publication in Horizon 2020 is possible by means of so-called “Gold Open Access” and “Green Open Access” publication, respectively.

Gold Open Access

  • Articles published in open access mode
    (publishing costs borne by the authors, universities or institutes etc.)
  • e.g. New J. Phys., Optics Express, Nature Comm.
    Peer-reviewed, purely electronic journals

Green Open Access

  • Published articles or the final peer-reviewed manuscript are deposited in an online repository.
  • e.g. ArXiv.org

Both options of open access publication are possible. In order to promote the Gold Open Access route grants are awarded for publishing results of experiments supported from the trans-national access program of CALIPSOplus in gold open access journals.

CALIPSOplus Grant Application for Open Access Publication

In CALIPSOplus authors can apply for a grant to cover the fee for their open access publication in order to cure this problem and at the same time encourage users to open access publishing. 

Pre-requisite for Open Access funding is that the applicant received funding for trans-national access by CALIPSOplus.

Not eligible for this support scheme is the publishing in hybrid open-access journals. In these subscription-based journals open access is only provided to some individual articles; usually this requires the payment of a publication fee by the author of the specific article, complementing the revenue of the publisher resulting from the subscriptions (“double dipping”).

Application procedure

You received funding for trans-national access by CALIPSOplus and now want to publish your results in an open access journal? 
Then simply download the application form below, fill in all the details and email the form to the CALIPSOplus Management Team.

Please always remember to acknowledge funding by CALIPSOplus.

CALIPSOplus Acknowledgement for publications:

The research leading to this result has been supported by the project CALIPSOplus under Grant Agreement 730872 from the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation HORIZON 2020.

More information can be found here.